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noula diamantopoulos

Personal growth is a transformative process with magical outcomes. I call them magical because transformation (deep personal change) does not happen logically or through a rational process. Makes sense right?

Why care about personal growth? In amongst the oh-so many different ways I can respond to this question, I offer the following simple response, as a beginning reflection.

When we find fault with the world for the weather, for the economy, for jumping the queue, for not loving us the way we wish to be loved and for all the other ‘nots’ that we are experiencing outside of ourselves, we need to recognise that we are treading a pathway of helplessness – for we cannot control external events. However, personal growth gets you onto your path where you can transform the only person you can truly change – yourself. It helps you to understand that you, and not others, is in control of your own happiness.

And when you reach this pivotal step, that’s when the real magic happens.

How can you experience your own transformation? I hope you are wondering how to get onto your own unique path. I want to empower you with the tools to experience this transformative magic, and am excited to introduce a series of bespoke courses I have created that will get you there and beyond. You can check out my Public Programs here.

And if you would like your team to have a short burst of change, then you can check out my Creative Intervention Programs here.




You are. That is. Creative

a book by noula diamantopoulos

You are creative! That is the underlying message of this book which takes you on a journey that unfolds your innate creative process.

Learn more about noula’s book and purchase your copy today

noula diamantopoulos

For those who have attempted to overcome your concerns about making art, about creating, about being creative and about finding a better part of yourself in this process. This is a book for you.



Curious to know more?

Then give noula a call on (+61) 02 9818 7471 to talk about facilitating a Creative Holistic Intervention Program or Public Program for your team. Without a doubt, a short conversation with noula will leave you inspired!


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