About The Corporate Buddha

What if your corporate environment could be the greatest place to personally grow?


The Corporate Buddha offers creative team-building programs to inspire you personally and to invigorate your work. The Holistic Personal and Team Development Programs incorporate positive psychology, mindfulness and creative thinking to intervene in your habitual thinking and offer tools for unleashing your best.

Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Do you think you should be doing something else, other than your job? JUST CONSIDER, for a moment, the possibility that where you are right now has purpose. What you are doing right now serves you, your needs and your goals.

It is that mental shift – a little change in thinking – that noula, the Corporate Buddha, instills in all her work. Her programs inspire creative thinking to grow teams and inspire team leaders. She brings imagination and creativity to your workplace, sparking personal and professional growth in every team member.

Ultimately, the goal of all Corporate Buddha programs is to tie together
‘who you are’ with ‘what you do’ and inspire wisdom and happiness
in every part of your life.

The Corporate Buddha draws on a wide range of approaches to design a program specifically addressing your team’s goals. Along with lots of belly laughing, the approaches include creative techniques like drawing, painting and sculpting, and mindfulness practices like meditation, breath work, and journaling. Every program blends creative freedom with honest questioning and fresh thinking.

The Corporate Buddha believes you already have everything you need – you just need a creative intervention to nudge you towards your creative potential.


Curious to know more?

Then contact noula, the creator of The Corporate Buddha, by sending an email to: justimagine@thecorporatebuddha.com.au or calling: (+61) 02 9818 7471



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