Client Testimonials

These are some Client Testimonials, who range from Corporate Executives that manage between 15-90 people, Managers who are stuck in a role that no longer challenges them, Young Managers who are seeking to make their mark on the world through their career, and people who have retired from a life long career and are now uncertain what to do next.


Companies that noula has worked with:

Accenture Australia, ADP Payroll Services, Astrazeneca, Atlassian, Deacons, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, Jones Lang La Salle, Minter Ellison Lawyers, National Australia Bank, O2 Speakers, PwC Australia, Telstra, Wyeth 


Testimonials from Team Program Participants:

Audra Eng

“I found the Corporate Buddha program to be simply amazing – Noula teaches you to shift your mind and gives you tools to not only be more creative at work and at home; but also how to collaborate with your team better; how to re-think about the challenges you’re facing and find innovative solutions to them. A great class that really brought my team together, and they all left with more inspiration and solidarity than we thought possible. Noula customises the class to what the individuals are seeking, and creates a journey that is fulfilling and unique each time.”

A. Eng: VP, Product Management, Atlassian

Sharmila Nahna

“Noula uses her creative talent and combines it with her corporate and life experience. She truly listens to clients needs and what is important to them. The result is a carefully customised and highly effective program every time. Noula has an uncanny ability to connect with and engage audiences. Driving individual and team breakthroughs and results. It is obvious Noula takes great pride and joy in everything she does!”

S. Nahna: Chief of Relationships, Ovations


“Noula is an amazing woman who guided our team to ‘unleash innovation’ through the use of reflective questioning techniques. The power behind these questions or ‘The Quest’ as Noula call this exercise really blew us away. The workshop was packed with amazing take away tools, which our team will continue to draw on in staying connected to our ‘authentic power’ individually and as a culture. I would highly recommend this workshop to any team looking to think outside of the and box and draw on the creative potential that already exists within your organisation. There is nothing fluffy about this!”

R. Flynn: Chief of Partnerships, O2 Speakers


“We first approached Noula about our IWD event as we were drawn to her Corporate Buddha concept.  Her fresh approach bought on new ideas which resonated with the theme of the day “Reinventing opportunities”. The planning of the workshop was very fluid and well thought out, and the collaborative brainstorming sessions we had were inspiring.  The creative spin resonated with our audience consisting of young professional women, and her dynamic presentation was well received.  We were very impressed with her professionalism on the day and her flexibility to accommodate the ever changing demands of a corporate event.”

S. Braid: IWD Lead, Accenture Australia


“…I found the session on the day to be invigorating for the mind, Noula was a breath of fresh air…” 


“This was the first time that I’ve attended the International Women’s Day and I thought it was really motivating and a good chance to meet other woman within Accenture! I thought the guest speaker was fantastic and the debate was refreshing and surprising to see that the majority felt that Woman can’t have it all!!”


“I thought the speaker/workshop gave me the opportunity to have a deeper look at what I am doing and what is important to me.”


“Sydney had a debate which was different, and the morning presenter was fantastic, took us out of the box of normal thinking, and gave us a new perspective.”


“Noula’s workshop really got me thinking about what was important to me, and what, within myself, is holding me back from achieving my goals…”


“ inner guru.  If I see differently, it will automatically cause me to think/do/be different.”


“..reinventing your goals – Noula was great and good fun.”


“The activity was good to take people out of their comfort zone and breakdown the big questions, in our way, in our own time. Very good session.”


“The workshop is great insight to me. I was able to learn something new and relevant to my work life and personal life.”

Attendees of IWD, Accenture Australia


“I truly enjoyed the Corporate Buddha workshops as it provides a fresh outlook on how simple principles can help tackle a range of issues in work and personal life. I’d highly recommend the program for individuals seeking the road less travelled.”

W. Keuneman, Atlassian


“Noula has opened my mind, and my senses, to a whole new world. Relearning how to communicate visually has been a powerful experience for me. Laughing while learning successful approaches to addressing common issues is gravy. “

N. Muldoon, Atlassian


“Noula brings an incredible amount of energy to every discussion. Every minute spent in her presence is rewarding. And while you’re distracted by learning from such a force of life, Noula has slowly pushed a trojan horse through the gates of your mental and emotional defenses, and upon finding it and opening it, you discover things that you never imagined from a course on creativity.”

B. Rollins, Atlassian

“Noula really took the time to understand the challenges we were facing as a team and suggested sessions in line with our desired outcomes.  She brought great energy, fun and enthusiasm to the session and we walked away with a renewed vision, feeling inspired and empowered.”

R. Sowden, PwC Australia


Testimonial from Holistic Coaching Client:


“Noula Diamantopoulos has been coaching me for the last two years. I use the word ‘coaching’ loosely because I don’t really know how else to describe it. Noula has been a personal mentor, business coach, life coach, and has offered me guidance and advice in every area of my life. As a result of our weekly one-on-one sessions I have achieved tremendous personal growth on both a personal and professional level. This growth has been noticed and commented upon by my colleagues and has progressed my career on a number of levels. Through my sessions with Noula, I have been able to find an inner calm and have developed new thought processes and habits which allow me to deal with everyday challenges in a much stronger capacity. Noula’s programs have helped me to truly find myself in a way that is exciting, exhilarating and grounding.”

R. Walcott: Gallery Manager, Artereal Gallery



Curious to know more?

Then contact noula, the creator of The Corporate Buddha, by sending an email to: or calling: (+61) 02 9818 7471



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