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Harmony: Tension Supported, Balance Achieved

Corporate Coaching, Personal Development, Professional DevelopmentYour potential is not something that can be reached – ever.

Personal development, growth and transformation will happen throughout your life, if you let it.

This is evident from a physical perspective; you exercise for health and wellbeing, or focus on developing your core strength. When you do that, you focus on nutrition to support your body, to help you achieve a certain physical appearance.

From a different perspective, as humans we have a drive to gain knowledge. We value education and intelligence. We take ourselves to courses to build our skill-set, and get a degree so everyone can acknowledge our learning.

We place so much focus on these qualities, yet we spend a proportionally insignificant amount of time developing our creative capacity, which is the tool that grows our true potential.

Our true potential is unique, yet we spend so much time on trying to be the same as everyone else.

Coaching Sessions with the Corporate Buddha will show you how to stimulate creative growth, and how to bring it into the workplace and into your personal life.

It is about what makes you different, your original ideas and approaches, and will awaken your potential so you live a powerful life.


“By chance and perhaps good luck I have had an amazing series of motivational sessions with Nola. I say “good luck” as I was not specifically aware I needed any coaching however the benefit has been enormous in both how I feel and approach situations, and for having taken a creative journey inspired by Nola, which I may not have done on my own.

The check and balances, the deeper thought, the creative language has inspired me to approach new and difficult situations with ease and a sense of challenge. I have an increased awareness of the impact I have on others, how to approach challenging situations and how I can use my energy to get more “beautiful” outcomes.

I thank Nola for her deep thought, her refreshing and challenging exercises for my thinking, opening up a distant creativity, her listening and questioning which made me aware of my inner strength and also awareness of my “stress” points. Only I have the answers but needed a coach, mentor and trusted person to guide me through my own minds clutter.

With my busy work life which I find demanding but stimulating, to equally busy home life with young children, life can be exhausting. Nola has given me energy and motivation, some exercises and thinking tools, to help me engage my creative mind to stay present with my family and sustain a highly functioning team at work, all of which need to be sustainable.”

C. Wong Doo: Senior Wealth Advisor, NAB



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noula’s client list includes:

~ Executives

~ Senior Management

~ Small Business Owners

~ Young Managers / Team Leaders

~ Artists


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