Collaborative Imaginations

Collaborative Imaginations

Collaborative Imaginations is a team-building creativity program that sparks your team’s collective imagination using playful group drawing games.

Intention? To encourage teams to nurture their imaginations within group creative processes.


Collaborative Imaginations is a team development program that uses surrealism to open your team’s imaginations to discover their subconscious. Surrealism – literally meaning ‘beyond reason’ – is an artistic approach that seeks to probe the invisible and explore the subconscious through written and visual processes. The surrealist approach was taken by artists such as Breton, Gorky, Ernst, Miro, Duchamp, Man Ray and others, and allowed them to make great creative leaps beyond their rational minds into their imaginations.

Surrealism is very relevant today as we look at ways to awaken our imaginations to help with everyday problem solving. The surrealist approach encourages us to believe in the powers of our intuition to help us find solutions to workplace challenges.

This is a fast paced, high energy Creative and Holistic Intervention. It is great for any size group, and fits a 45 minute session, though can be lengthened or shortened depending on your team-building goals.

For an insight into what you & your team might experience in this Creative & Holistic Intervention, watch our video below…


‘Collaborative Imaginations’ Art Event with Minter Ellison Lawyers


Curious to know more?

To enquire about this program and discover how noula can inspire your team, email noula at or call (+61) 02 9818 7471.


Collaborative Imaginations Collaborative Imaginations Collaborative Imaginations




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