Creative Holistic Interventions

Programs for the Workplace that challenge the mind, inspire creative expression, and reveal the exceptional potential of individuals and teams.

The corporate workplace is a race to do, and can offer little room for contemplation or reflection on how to be. Our personal development and growth are pursued outside work – if we have enough energy left over to do so!

What if the corporate environment could be the best place for personal growth? What if your current workplace served your team, so that your team can best serve the workplace?

Personal and Team Development

Our Creative Holistic Intervention programs inspire personal development and team development to empower individuals and create thriving workplaces.

The Corporate Buddha believes that personal growth within the workplace is the best strategy for getting the most out of your employees or your own work, while giving the most back.

The Creative Holistic Interventions offered by the Corporate Buddha are tailored to every team, and developed with measurable outcomes in mind. Our programs develop creative thinking and problem solving skills alongside tools for personal wellbeing. Our programs are innovative, fun and unusual – and they get results.

Below are some examples of the programs the Corporate Buddha has run. Why not try a short program for your team? Experiencing the wonder and curiosity of awakening the imagination, and seeing problems with a new vision; or learn how to apply mindfulness in life, and discover the power of the question. Your creative potential can empower every aspect of life. Imagine what a team of creatively inspired thinkers could do for your workplace!




Creative Interventions for Team Building

Collaborative Imaginations

Creative Interventions for Innovative Thinking

Discover Your Inner Guru

Intelligent Questioning

Face to Face with Leonardo

Creative Interventions for Workplace Wellness

Mindful Meditation for the Workplace

The Conscious Corporate

Munch on Stress

Picasso’s Perspective

Creative Interventions for Your Personal Development

Holistic Coaching

Curious to know more?

Then contact noula, the creator of The Corporate Buddha, by sending an email to: or calling: (+61) 02 9818 7471



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