Discover Your Inner Guru

Discover Your Inner Guru

So you are wondering what an image of a Gorilla has to do with Discovering Your Inner Guru? The answer is simple.

Discover Your Inner Guru is a fun team development program all about discovering the wisdom that lies dormant in our minds. This is done through a metaphoric journey involving puppetry.

Yes, puppetry.

In this Creative Holistic Intervention, we use child like play to take you from playing with a little puppet to finding innovative solutions to a problem you are facing.

Metaphor holds enormous power in innovative thinking. This program stimulates you to find the connections and lessons in simple, everyday things.

By igniting your imagination and exploring a problem metaphorically, you can draw out your inner expertise – your inner guru.

This two hour program can be standalone or integrated within a larger program.

Wyeth Discover Your Inner Guru

Curious to know more?

To enquire about this program and discover how I can inspire your team, send me an email at or call (+61) 02 9818 7471



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