Face to Face with Leonardo

Face to Face with Leonardo

Face to Face with Leonardo is an innovative thinking program inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. The program covers the 7 steps of thinking differently, using self-portraiture as the creative medium.

Intention? To explore how da Vinci’s teachings can be powerful tools for stress management when faced with problem solving in the workplace.

Face to Face with Leonardo guides your team through an explorative journey; you will take the 7 steps to thinking differently, with the ideas of da Vinci at your side. The end point is your very own amazing self-portrait, and a tool kit for handling stress at work.

The Corporate Buddha introduces you to da Vinci’s greatest insights and shows your team how they can be immediately implemented into both problem solving and creative expression. noula teaches you a few simple drawing and thinking skills, and shows you how effectively they can be used in the seemingly disconnected realms of the workplace and the art workshop.

Wyeth Wyeth

Curious to know more?

To enquire about this program and discover how I can inspire your team, send me an email at justimagine@thecorporatebuddha.com.au or call (+61) 02 9818 7471




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