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Holistic Personal and Team Development Programs for the Workplace


The key to my Holistic Personal and Team Development Programs for the workplace is through empowering a successful, powerful and creative individual. If you allow your individual team members to grow, so will your corporate team. Keep reading to see what programs I offer…


Programs for Learning Meditation & Mindfulness

From Meditation to Manifestation


Programs for Team Building & Developing Mindfulness

The Office Affair

The Office Affair

Is it possible that you could fall in love with what you are doing right now? That you can be a better you in your work and in your workplace?
The Office Affair is a team building and mindfulness program that is about building, growing and implementing the spirit of collaboration in the workplace.

Discover Your Inner Guru

Discover Your Inner Guru

Discover Your Inner Guru is a fun team building program that will help you get in touch with your inner wisdom and discover that you have the answers all along.

Programs for Creative Thinking & Problem Solving


Yoga For Your Brain

Yoga For Your Brain

Yoga For Your Brain is a personal development program where I introduce you to the offerings of our planets most respected teachers on how to become the best of you. It is a problem solving program that will provoke new ways of thinking, stimulate curious thought processes & help your team explore new ways of seeing the world.

Intelligent Questioning

Intelligent Questioning

Intelligent Questioning is about learning to ask questions, and in particular, the right questions – to develop effective team communication. In this creative thinking program, I will teach your team how to shift and refine their way of thinking.

Programs for Managing Stress & Change


Munch on Stress

Picasso’s Perspective

Face to Face with Leonardo



The Corporate Buddha breathes creativity and takes a holistic approach into personal and team development, team spirit, innovative thinking, perspective shifting, managing stress and managing change. Enjoy exploring some of the team building programs that can be tailored made to suit the needs of your team.

A good question to ask yourself, “Who do you take to work every day?”

The corporate environment is a doing space and a race to do. There is little room for contemplation or reflection. Personal development and growth are pursued outside of this environment; that is if you have enough energy left over to do so!

What if the corporate environment could be the greatest place to personally grow from? What if, whatever you are doing right now is on purpose, that whatever you are doing is perfect, that is serves you and others?

Our Holistic Personal and Team Development Programs create powerful individuals that contribute effectively to the workplace. Our programs can be specifically tailored to suit the needs of your team.

Programs are uniquely developed with a committed intention and with outcomes that are measurable. The impact of a Corporate Buddha program is tangible and observable. You can try a short program out and let the team experience the wonder and curiosity of awakening the imagination, seeing with a new vision, applying mindfulness in life, valuing the power of the question, the power of intention, the power of creativity and so much more.


Curious to know more?

Then contact noula, the creator of The Corporate Buddha, by sending an email to: or calling: (+61) 02 9818 7471



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