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Personal development, growth and transformation (the journey of becoming), will happen throughout our entire life, if we let it.

This is evident from a physical perspective; we exercise for health and wellbeing, we focus on developing our core strength and on nutrition too to be our best physically speaking.

Yet we are more than physical beings. Our heart loves and desires, our mind imagines and comes up with ideas and creative solutions and our soul calls us towards living a life of meaning.

So what is my coaching style? I observe you and give you feedback. I follow you – your thinking, your movements, your spoken and unspoken, looking for clues that your inner wisdom has, that you might have accidentally shut down. And you then get to see yourself in a different light. I will work with you on many levels and as you so wish. My clients range from corporate executives challenged with workplace matters (stress, work life balance, staff motivation) through to those who are searching for their purpose in life. I work closely with artists who are creatively blocked (writers, photographers, visual artists for e.g) to others who are grieving or navigating difficult periods of change and transition.

How do I work with you? I am a psychotherapist trained in Process Orientated Psychology. The approach is holistic and I integrate this with positive psychology, mindfulness, meditations and a connection to your spiritual self. I have a variety of psychotherapy-based techniques to assist you to become aware. Ultimately that’s what I do. I facilitate your ability to see yourself, your true good self, the one that came to this planet on purpose. I offer to you a facilitated process of awareness.

If you would like to know whether we could work together, then the best way is to call me on 02 9818-7471 (I do Skype sessions too) and see how I sound to you. Let yourself be guided by your inner sense.

You could also read my testimonials to find out more how Holistic Personal Development Coaching has helped other people like you. Don’t be shy – your future you will thank you for it!




Testimonial from Holistic Personal Development Coaching Client


“By chance and perhaps good luck I have had an amazing series of motivational sessions with Noula. I say “good luck” as I was not specifically aware I needed any coaching however the benefit has been enormous in both how I feel and approach situations, and for having taken a creative journey inspired by Noula, which I may not have done on my own.

The check and balances, the deeper thought, the creative language has inspired me to approach new and difficult situations with ease and a sense of challenge. I have an increased awareness of the impact I have on others, how to approach challenging situations and how I can use my energy to get more “beautiful” outcomes.

I thank Noula for her deep thought, her refreshing and challenging exercises for my thinking, opening up a distant creativity, her listening and questioning which made me aware of my inner strength and also awareness of my “stress” points. Only I have the answers but needed a coach, mentor and trusted person to guide me through my own minds clutter.

With my busy work life which I find demanding but stimulating, to equally busy home life with young children, life can be exhausting. Noula has given me energy and motivation, some exercises and thinking tools, to help me engage my creative mind to stay present with my family and sustain a highly functioning team at work, all of which need to be sustainable.”

C. Wong Doo: Senior Wealth Advisor, NAB


To read more Client Testimonials, click here.

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My Client List includes:

~ Executives

~ Senior Management

~ Small Business Owners

~ Young Managers / Team Leaders

~ Artists


Would you like me to coach you or your team?

Then contact noula, the creator of The Corporate Buddha, by sending an email to: justimagine@thecorporatebuddha.com.au or calling: (+61) 02 9818 7471



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