Mindful Meditation for the Workplace

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Introducing a NEW Mindful Meditation Program for Corporate Settings…

This is a 4 week mindful meditation program where I come to your company, once a week for an hour session. Each week there will be a new topic introduced to accompany the meditation. The first week of this new mindful meditation program is an Introduction to Meditation – where we will explore questions such as ‘What is Meditation’, and ‘Why should we Meditate?’

The subsequent 3 weeks will cover different topics with a meditation, which will be chosen by you and your team prior to commencing our program. You will be able to choose from a variety of topics that will best suit your team’s goals and intentions, including the themes of Stress & Managing Reactions, Insomnia, Creativity, Community, Mindfulness, Mudras, and Relationships.

In these mindful meditation workshops, I will intersect my psychotherapy teachings with a variety of meditation techniques to bring you a course in mindful meditation that will encourage deep reflection and give you real world tools to improve and nurture your everyday wellbeing.

Each week, I will also provide your team with an abundance of additional resources including: book recommendations, articles, videos and podcasts, to help you to continue your meditation journey beyond our weekly sessions.


Curious to learn more?

If you are interested in designing a mindful meditation program for your corporate team, send me an email and we can create your program together at: justimagine@thecorporatebuddha.com.au or call (+61) 02 9818 7471.




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