Picasso's Perspective

Picassos Perspective

Picasso’s Perspective teaches teams to embrace workplace change by finding the patterns and processes beneath the chaos in order to navigate with clarity in times of stress.

Intention? To give your team thoughtful tools for removing the stress associated with change.


“If I don’t have red, I use blue.” Pablo Picasso


Picasso’s Perspective is all about recognising and embracing that change is constant in our lives; change is the positive force that makes life possible.

The program reminds teams that change is something we want in our lives and our workplaces, and that to embrace the opportunities of change is to embrace life. Change keeps us inquisitive and prompts us to find ways to use our talents to create lemonade, both collaboratively and personally. .

How do we discover and express this lesson in art? Therein lies the fun – we’ll be making collages from found objects, and discovering the beauty in creating something new from the resources we found available.

Wyeth Picassos Perspective Wyeth Picassos Perspective

Curious to know more?

To enquire about this program and discover how I can inspire your team, send me an email at justimagine@thecorporatebuddha.com.au or call (+61) 02 9818 7471



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