The Awakened Soul

grow, laugh, think, ask, wonder, act, love, pause; grow more, laugh more, think more, ask more, wonder more, act more, pause more… is there more?

The Awakened Soul

I skeptically took my curiosity to a kinesiologist many years ago. I was in my late 30’s, and it was a time when yoga was seen as alternative and references to energetic healing was voodoo and ‘being present’ didn’t even exist. He asked me a lot of questions and then with two fingers he gently pushed down on my right wrist.

The idea was that my body would respond truthfully, whereas my mind would respond with the truth as I saw it or how wanted to see it. And then it happened. He asked me what happened when I was 17. “Nothing” I said. He insisted. I said, “Well my father died when I was 16.” “No” he said, “there is something big that happened at 17”. “Nope,” I replied. After a few minutes of this tooing and froing we moved on.

He connected with my heart space and shared many beautiful things about my qualities. It didn’t mean much to me. Yes I know I’m all of those things. “You are a gifted teacher” he said, “generous, patient” etc. And I said “yes so?” Then he said, “You could be more of that.” I stopped and stared at him.

I never considered that I could be more of myself. That my innate qualities could grow.

This is what The Awakened Soul workshop is about. Being more of you.

The process is light hearted, insightful & experiential. It’s fun, we laugh, we become awe struck and we become more ourselves.

A few years after I had seen the kinesiologist I asked my mum how old was I when dad died. She said 16. “Yeah” I said, “that’s right” in a rather strong self righteous way. I said to her, “it was on Fathers Day, I remember.” She said yes, on Fathers Day. I took a deep breath. “It was on Fathers Day”, I said softly. “Mum my birthday is in August. I had just turned 17 when my dad passed away.”



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