The Conscious Corporate

The Conscious Corporate

The Conscious Corporate is a program that teaches team members how to master their thoughts, manage their energy, and embrace their purpose at work.

Intention? To inspire your team to be their best at work, and to build a spirit of collaboration and contentment in the workplace.


Is it possible that you could fall in love with what you are doing right now? That your corporate environment serves to grow you? That you can be a better you in your work and in your workplace?

The Conscious Corporate program thinks you can. The program is designed specifically for you and your team, using an initial consultation to identify our intentions, determine the outcomes and set measurable signposts for the program and your team.


“The Conscious Corporate is about an awakening and a shifting. What comes out is a conscious corporate. One who has experienced more of who they are, realising their potential and then bringing that being into the corporate environment.” noula diamantopoulos


This innovative, creative program inspires self-development, a desire for the ‘better’ you to come to work. It is experienced over three days, which can be spaced out in whatever way works best for you. Each day of the Conscious Corporate program explores one pathway: The Dialogue of the Mind, The Pathway of the Body & The Wings of the Soul.

The Dialogue of the Mind is about emotional mastery. Do you really know what you are thinking? Can you recognise the thoughts that lead you to feeling restless, or unhappy, or joyful? Once you get to know those thoughts, you can begin to actively choose how you think and feel.

This pathway calls your inner critic to step up and become your inner fan club. It’s really their day! The day is jam-packed with deceptively easy and humorous activities that will have you belly laughing your inner critic out the door, leaving room for your true nature to emerge. Alongside this, many resources are handed out for continued learning and personal growth.

The second journey, The Pathway of the Body, is about managing our energy to get the most out of life. The day is filled with activities that highlight what you already know but may not have integrated into our workplaces and lives. We will use methods including tai chi, yoga breath-work, mindful walking, soma-therapy & spontaneous drumming, and discover how these can be used to improve our wellbeing. The program also provides many articles to take home, for a deeper understanding of the day’s events, to encourage time to reflect on our nutrition, hydration and exercise habits, our movement and breathing, and our stress levels.

On the final day, we spread The Wings of the Soul. This pathway is about our life purpose, and the meanings we create in our lives. With the help of Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Dan Millman and more teachers selected especially for you and your team, a unique final day of flight is created. The program finishes with you on course, on your own pathway, confident in your purpose at work, and empowered to be your best at work.


Curious to know more?

To enquire about this program and discover how I can inspire your team, send me an email at or call (+61) 02 9818 7471




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